Allah Granted my Wish 2 Years Ago

Sabtu, 29 April 2017

Allah Granted my Wish 2 Years Ago

I remember when I just graduated from my collage. I wish I can work on oil and gas industries, because everybody knows and thinks, if we work at that industries, we can get big benefit, like salary, insurance, and many more. So, I pray to Allah to give me a chance to work at it.

The other benefit except stated on above is rotation / schedule work. We get 21 days on / 21 days off or 21 days on / 10 days off if we work on site location, depend on contractor or company. I think if I can get long holiday, I can rest and accompanied my parent in Bandung.

Alhamdulillah in 2016 and earlier 2017, I got projects that required me to go to  the site project as an Electical Engineer and in one project as Lead Project Engineer. in 2016, I got 5 days off after 10 days visited to site and in last 2016, I got 14 days off after 21 days on duty on site project. The best rota schedule when I work on Maintenance in Elnusa. I got 21 days off after 21 days on site. It gives me chance to have long times with my parent. Because, I dont live together with them after 2010 and as a Last Child, I think I have a responsibility to accompanied them on their old ages.

I remember that I had prayed to Allah to give me a chance to work on site, so what I got now is a convince that Allah granted my wish. Alhamdulillah.

Next I will tell you what I have done during my off day.

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